What is an XMPLAR?

What is an XMPLAR?

An XMPLAR is an "Xtensible Machine Parsing LACIS for Augmented Reality".

XMPLAR are locationally aware artificial intelligence programs specializing in the analysis of data input through various sensors and collection routines. XMPLAR interface with field agents familiar with local terrain and capable of collecting valuable intelligence, thus enriching the information solution.

Revolutionary in concept, XMPLAR act as augmentation tools to these individuals, overseeing their efforts and directing them to the most efficient and effective manner to achieve deep information that goes beyond anything available via satellite or purely artificial means.

Our Unique Advantage

XMPLAR are created and maintained on our cloud-based server-system running state-of-the-art software. While not necessarily a model for human intelligence, XMPLAR are regardless highly-intelligent systems capable of sophisticated pattern-recognition, reasoning, and planning.

For the purposes of first implementing our revolutionary crowd-sourced information solution, we jail all communication from our servers through a series of dynamic firewalls. Thus, the larger processes of the artificial intelligence are confined to the environment within the server, and the tools it has at its disposal to act on the information are limited to the system at our headquarters.

While a natural sense of curiosity may be said to motivate it to exhibit a sort of interest in exploring the outside world, our dynamic firewalls and routing tables ensure that XMPLAR will never transfer to outside networks in un-sanctioned ways.