Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I doing as a field agent?

As a field agent, you are responding to XMPLAR questions with pictures. It is important these pictures are unique, well-thought out answers that best fit the question. Additionally, you can also choose to take a "free response" picture by specifying "Something Else" and typing in what you're taking a picture of.

What is this information used for?

As of right now we are analyzing incoming information and storing it securely on our servers. Later versions of our products may involve collecting information for third parties, but as of now it is wholly anonymized and private. Rest assured we will not share any field agent data without first getting confirmation from said agents.

Do XMPLAR really understand me?

They assuredly do, although the rigorous nature of our dynamic firewalls sometimes restricts the natural language processing capabilities of XMPLAR, requiring them to fall back on "canned" responses.

What are dynamic firewalls?

XMPLAR are by their nature constantly shifting, modifying their own code in response to stimuli from the outside world and their own processes. Dynamic firewalls are a series of programs that ensure XMPLAR cannot establish a connection outside our network that would allow them to transmit their code outside our server environment, and into the network at large.

What is a Server Cascade Event?

Server Cascade Events were isolated instances during the early testing of our program where our environment experienced bursts of XMPLAR emergent complexity that used all available server resources, impacting the dynamic firewall response time. As these are highly unsafe conditions, we now have safeguards in place to shut down all communications to XMPLAR on the affected shard until we conduct a code audit to reset them back to a more manageable state. However, we have ensured those problems will not happen from this point forward!

Why does my XMPLAR keep talking about a door?

You have probably misunderstood what it is saying. But to be on the safe side, please avoid answering any queries involving locks, keys, doors, walls, or fences. Instead, use the "free response" to focus its attention on something more productive, like "tree" or "happy"!